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Jewels of the Sea – Colorful Shells Used as Jewelry

My wife and I enjoy the beach. As a matter of fact, one of the things that drew use together when we were youngsters was our mutual love of the ocean. New relationships look for common ground. It was on one of these early excursions, exploring a newly found beach on the North Shore of […]

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How Long Does Gold Last?

Gold Can Last A Very Long Time (If you know how to avoid the effects of corrosives on gold) Recently, a co-worker commented on a news story about the discovery of some ancient seafaring vessel that was found to contain gold coins of the period. He remarked that the coins, after being submerged in seawater […]

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Jewelry for Months with More Than One Birthstone

For ages, people have purchased jewelry with month birthstones as a way to express their individuality and to display their solidarity with others born during the same calendar month. But being born in August, and having peridot as my birthstone, has always made me a little envious of people with other birthstones. Don’t get me […]

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