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We offer secured cash loans on gold and jewelry to all 50 states and US territories

How it Works


Simply start by giving us few details of your items filling our online form. Once we receive your information a member of our expert team will evaluate your items and contact you promptly to discuss your best options.


After you get your estimate, you can choose to send us your item for a final offer. Shipping is free and fully insured. Once we receive your item, we appraise it and we will send you a final offer on the same day.


Review your final offer, accept it and tell us how you want your funds delivered.

Consider the DIFFERENCE

BreakdownProvident Loan SocietyNY State Pawnshop
Loan Period6 Months4 Months
Interest Rates2.167% Monthly (26% Annual Interest)4% Monthly (48% Annual Interest)
Interest Rate ChargesBy the exact number of daysBy the month
Additional FeesLowerMaximum
Grace PeriodYesNo
Breakdown Provident Loan Society
Loan Period 6 Months
Interest Rates 2.167% Monthly (26% Annual Interest)
Interest Rate Charges By the exact number of days
Additional Fees Lower
Grace Period Yes
Breakdown My State Pawnshop
Loan Period 4 Months
Interest Rates 4% Monthly (48% Annual Interest)
Interest Rate Charges By the month
Additional Fees Maximum
Grace Period No

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