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Alternative Lending

What Happens when the Bank says NO

Loans from a bank might sound appealing when you need a loan, but slow application processes and high fees and interest don’t make them the best option in a pinch. Typical bank loans can take weeks to get approval. Compare that to most pawn shops where you can get a loan […]

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What Does APR Mean?

What Is APR? You may see the term APR interest and wonder, “what is it?” APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate, also known as the interest rate you pay for a loan for the entire year. The APR is applied to a loan, credit card, mortgage or even a collateral […]

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Consumer Rights at Pawn Shops

There are many consumer laws put in place to protect borrowers at  pawn shops, but most people are unaware of them. These consumer protection laws were designed to protect borrowers from exorbitant fees, high interest rates, predatory lending and discrimination. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to take advantage of a law if […]

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Unexpected Wedding Expenses

Weddings can be a joyous occasion until the bills start coming in. The KNOT recently conducted a survey that looked at the rising costs of weddings. It found that Manhattan is the most expensive place to get married where the average wedding costs $78,464. Outside of Manhattan, the average cost […]

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Microloans vs Collateral Loans – Which is Better For Me?

Do You Need An Alternative Lending Option to Expand Your Business? Many banks aren’t lending money to smaller businesses like they used to do. As a result, many entrepreneurs and small business owners are turning to alternative lending options, such as microloans and collateral loans. What Are Collateral Loans? Collateral […]

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