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Why we’re Better than a pawnshop

Provident LoanNY State Pawnshop
Interest Rates2.167% Monthly4% Monthly
Interest Rate ChargesBy the exact Number of daysBy the month
Loan Term6 months4 months

For an estimation on loan fees and interest rates, you can use our loan calculator.
If it’s your first time taking out a collateral loan you might have questions, check our FAQ.
To get started on your collateral loan, click here to get a free appraisal, call us toll-free at 1-800-757-7296, or visit one of our five New York City locations. We also offer loans to all 50 states and US territories.

Consider the DIFFERENCE

  • Abandoned collateral sold and after expenses, you keep excess proceeds
  • Rewards program: You can earn up to $100 every time you successfully refer a friend
  • No payments for 180 days
  • No credit check or employment verification
  • Lower interest rates & longer loan terms
  • Online loans: cash loans to all 50 states and US territories (Shipping is free and fully insured)