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Provident loan helps your business

The not-for-profit lending organization, The Provident Loan Society of New York has announced interest-free loans for new customers who are in need of quick cash due to these difficult times. This interest-free loan can be paid back over the course of six or four months. John Higney, President/CEO of The Provident Loan Society, […]

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Building Credit as a New Immigrant in Flushing

Immigrants moving to Flushing, Queens can often feel lost when it comes to their new life in America. Many new immigrants don’t have credit to borrow money from a bank, or from a credit card. Here are four tips that Chinese immigrants can follow to build credit over time.

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Payday Loans Are Prohibited in New York

The State of New York has banned payday loans, but you wouldn’t know it by checking the web. Google “payday loans NYC,” and you will see dozens of local businesses offering payday loans, even though it’s illegal in New York to make these loans in person, online, or over the […]

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