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Provident loan helps your business

The not-for-profit lending organization, The Provident Loan Society of New York has announced interest-free loans for new customers who are in need of quick cash due to these difficult times. This interest-free loan can be paid back over the course of six or four months. John Higney, President/CEO of The Provident Loan Society, […]

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Why Are Millennials Turning to Payday Loans and Pawnshops?

Pawnshops and payday loans are becoming popular sources of fast cash for millennials who need instant help to pay their debts, according to a study by the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center. Their research found that 42 percent of millennials have used alternative financial services as sources for short-term loans. Roughly 28 percent […]

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Different Types of Jewelry Appraisals – Part 3

    An estimate to replace, or replacement cost estimate, is probably the most common form of appraisal, though it is not as thoroughly researched or objective as a fair market value appraisal or an insurance appraisal. This appraisal accompanies an item of jewelry when it is purchased and is […]

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Different Types of Jewelry Appraisals – Part 2

  Types of Jewelry Appraisals Part 2 There are several different types of Jewelry appraisals available when trying to determine the value of your jewelry. In part 1 of our jewelry appraisals, we discussed Written Appraisals & Offers to Buy or Lend. In this post, we will go over Insurance […]

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Millennials Are Turning to Pawnshops for Loans

Pawnshops are becoming a popular source of quick cash for Millennials who don’t have access to credit or access to a bank account. A recent study by PricewaterhouseCoopers—an audit and taxing consulting company—revealed 42 percent of Millennials are turning to alternative financial services as a source for short-term loans. The […]

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Unusual Items Used as Loan Collateral

I’ve been in the pawn industry for over 40 years, all of them with the Provident Loan Society, the only not-for-profit pawnshop in New York State (and probably the country). Pawning is a great way to get quick, short-term cash loans by using a personal item of value as collateral […]

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