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10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Taxes

Are You Ready For Tax Day This Year?

April 15th is coming up and you know what that means…Tax Day! It’s time to face the paperwork, but for most people, this also includes a hefty tax refund– not so bad after all, eh?

Speaking of Tax Day…

Did you know that April 15th is not the due date for every state in America? Find out why and more in this blog post, which covers 10 interesting facts you didn’t know about taxes!

10 Facts About Taxes You Should Know

1. Where does the word Tax come from?

Tax finds its origin in the Latin language, where it’s called ‘taxo,’ which means ‘I estimate.’

2. Is April 15th the Tax Deadline for the U.S.?

While we all have April 15th marked in our calendars, the residents of Maine and Massachusetts get two extra days. This is because April 15th is Patriot’s Day, which is a holiday in both states, while April 16th is Emancipation Day in Washington, DC, where the IRS is located, giving them an extra day.

3. How Long Have Income Taxes Been Around in the United States?

In 1861, in order to support the Civil War effort, America had its first tax on income. Although this was disbanded in 1872 because it was seen as unconstitutional, in 1913 when the 16th amendment was written, the income tax made its re-introduction and has never left since. #SadFace

4. How Large is the U.S. Tax Code?

There are more words in the tax code than there are in the Bible. The tax code has over 4 million words– some even say it is 70,000 pages long, though that’s never been proven.  

5. How Many Tax Returns Are Filled Each Year in the United Stated?

The IRS receives over 130 million tax returns each year. To keep up with this demand, the IRS has more employees than the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

6. How Many Hours Do Americans Spend on Taxes?

In 2016 alone, Americans unanimously spent about 6.1 billion hours on tax preparation software like TurboTax and H&R Block.

7. What State Has the Highest Income Tax?

New York has the highest corporate income tax in both the United States, and in fact, the world!


8. Has There Ever Been An American Who Was in Their Own Tax Bracket?

In 1934, Nelson Rockefeller earned over 5 million dollars, which placed him all alone in the US’ highest tax income bracket (63%) in 1935.


9. How Much Does the 1% of Americans Pay in Income Tax?

The wealthiest 1% of America’s population pays 37% of the total tax income of the whole country.


10. Albert Einstein Quote on Taxes

Finally, if you feel like taxes are overwhelming, just remember even a wise man like Albert Einstein once said, “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.”


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