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What To Buy For Mother’s Day

In 1914, Woodrow Wilson officially adopted the second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day. Since then, people all of over the US and UK (yes, we didn’t forget about the Brits!) annually buy gifts for their mothers, step-mothers and grandmothers. But how much do we regularly spend on Mother’s day and what gift should you get your mother this year?

First of all, Mother’s Day is huge. Besides Christmas, this holiday has one of the biggest impacts on the retail industry. In fact, here are some numbers from 2018 to prove how big it really is: In 2018, in the US alone, $813 million was spent on cards, $2.6 billion on flowers, $4.6 billion on jewelry and a total of $ 23.1 billion on retail items. The average spending of Americans? $186 billion, which is almost double the amount of what UK citizens are spending for their mothers.
The question, then, is not if you are getting your mother a gift this year– the questions is: What are you giving her? Even though we think flowers are always a nice choice,  we feel that it’s time to step up your game this year.
Listed below are some of the most popular presents for Mother’s day, varying in prices.

Personal services such as a spa day.

This Sunday, toss the bouquet and treat your mother to a spa or go for massage. You can order two glasses of Champagne to make it even more special. 

Gift cards.

Gift cards are probably one of the more popular presents, mostly because there are so many options. So this Sunday,  take a trip to your mom’s favorite store and get her a gift card– this way, she can buy whatever she feels like. And if your momma’s an avid coffee drinker? There’s always Starbucks!


Speaking about food and coffee… Sundays are for brunch and conveniently enough, every Mother’s Day is a Sunday. In other words, invite your mother for brunch this Sunday and say cheers over some mimosas and blueberry pancakes.  


Even if your budget isn’t $186 this year, we got you covered. If your mother likes to read, you can’t go wrong by buying one of the best -selling books at the moment. Many moms also like to read about cooking or gardening, so that might be an option as well.


Moms are all about inviting over the whole family, which is they typically want a cozy living room. Give your mom some beautiful decorations that match the style of her living room. We’re thinking scented candles, nice-looking (and cozy) pillows, and pictures of her children or grandchildren.
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