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Quick Cash for New York City College Students

If you’re getting ready to leave for college, you’ll quickly discover the costs of living in a dorm can add up quickly. Between paying for a meal plan, buying furniture for your new pad, and paying for expensive textbooks, you might need some extra cash to pay for the unexpected costs that frequently pop up.

Earning cash as a new college student can be daunting. But, it doesn’t have to be as hard as it looks. Here are a few quick ways college students in New York City can earn a few extra bucks.

Obtaining Credit

If there’s a purchase you’re dying to make but don’t quite have the funds for, you may want to consider opening a line of credit.
A credit card doesn’t provide infinite cash, however. Though you’ll have access to funds outside of cash you have on hand, it’ll have to be paid back eventually.
Credit counselors recommend paying off at least the minimum amount due on your credit card bill every month to keep your credit score in good standing. If you don’t pay at least the minimum amount each month, you risk not being able to open more credit cards or take out loans.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Receiving scholarships for academic and community merit are a productive way to earn cash that can go towards school expenses. Scholarships are usually given out from the school directly or from outside organizations, whether it’s a large corporation like Coca-Cola or a scholarship hub like Scholarship Hub.
Financial aid directly from your college is another commonly used tool to help provide funding for your education. Financial aid, though sometimes given out in the form of scholarships, is usually dispersed in the form of loans. Financial aid can also come from the government; for a more detailed breakdown on financial aid from the State of New York, visit the Higher Education Services Corporation for more details.

Quick Cash from Provident Loan Society

Provident Loan Society, a non-for-profit pawn shop, has five different locations in New York City that offer low-interest, instant cash loans in exchange for gold and jewelry collateral.
Obtaining your cash loan is quick and simple. Just come into any Provident Loan Society branch with your collateral, where a clerk will appraise it and give you a cash estimate. You can be out the door with your cash in minutes.
Provident Loan Society does not require a credit check to obtain a loan, nor will it ask for any personal history related to your loan.
This makes Provident Loan Society a great option for college students who might not have any credit built up. The organization’s interest rates are much lower than the competition; at 26 percent compared to other pawn shop rates of 48 percent, Provident Loan Society is a much more economical choice for students of all ages.
Their rates can also typically be lower than a credit card. Want to learn more? You can click here to apply for a loan estimate.