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Need Money for Spring Break?

Spring break is right around the corner, but for many college students, they don’t have the money to get away.
According to the publication, StudentCity, roughly 20,000 college students travel every year to warmer destinations for Spring Break. Their survey shows the beach and exotic parties are the biggest destination points.

What are the Best Spring Break Destinations?

US NEWS listed the best Spring Break Destinations  in their annual guide. Las Vegas is considered the number one destination followed by Miami Beach, Punta Cana, Bahamas, and Puerto Vallarta.
But those destinations aren’t cheap. The average roundtrip fare from New York to Las Vegas starts at $217, and that doesn’t even include money for taxis, food & drinks and your hotel.

How to Fund your Spring Break Vacation

Students should always be responsible for their borrowing limits. They should never use student loans to pay for a Spring Break getaway.
Collateral loans and pawnshops can provide a short-term alternative for quick cash. These types of loans won’t hurt your credit and can provide a fast source of income while you wait for that paycheck or money from your parents.
Provident Loan Society is a not-for-profit lending organization with interest rates as low as 26 percent. That is typically half the cost of most commercial pawn shops.  It also offers longer payback periods of six months versus four months for most pawn shops. 

How the Pawn Shop Process Works

The lending process at Provident Loan Society takes around 20 minutes. The only thing you need to bring is your collateral item and a state form of ID.
A collateral item that can potentially lead to a loan can include jewelry, watches, gold and silverware. An appraiser at Provident Loan Society will appraise your item on the spot and provide you loan option details.
You can learn more at the FAQ page by clicking here.
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