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Must Do Activities in New York City During May

May is the first time of the year when we can officially feel the summer. Weather is getting better,  days are getting longer and the drinks are getting colder. This makes May the ideal moth to go outside and explore what the city has to offer. For those who don’t have ideas of what to do this month, we listed some possible activities.
Click below to find out our must do activities in New York City during May!

 Visit Governors Island.

After a long winter break, Governors Island will open up to the public again on May 1st. Enjoy a walk on the former military island, which is still considered an undiscovered terrain for many. Governors Island is car free, but a $2 ferry ride from Lower Manhattan will get you to there in no time. The island is definitely visit-worthy for both the young and old, and is the ideal place to enjoy a moment of peace and quiet away from the city bustle.

Watch a Baseball Game.

Baseball is an important part of New York summer, especially now that the season has started. May is a great month to go watch your first game. Doesn’t matter if you are cheering for the Yankees or the Mets, with good company, a cold beer and a hot dog is always an evening well spent.

Enjoy a Boat Cruise or a Party Boat.

May is all about the outside, so why not enjoy a cruise tour on the Hudson? Think of it this way: It’s always nice to see the city from a different perspective every now and then.
For those of you who have to work during the day, or prefer to dance, why don’t you go for a party boat? Let’s face it: There’s nothing more fun than partying on the deck of a boat while looking at the New York Skyline by night.

Discover New Parks.

Although everyone is familiar with Central Park and Prospect Park, New York City has so much more green to offer. In total, the city has 1,700 parks across the five boroughs. Go outside this month and try to visit a park you haven’t been to before. Who knows what beautiful places you might discover!

Catch the Sunset from a Rooftop Bar.

It’s cliche, but nothing is more beautiful than a New York City sunset. And our favorite spot to check one out is from a rooftop bar while sipping from a margarita.
Don’t feel like spending money on a fancy rooftop bar? Go down to Dumbo, and watch the sun setting behind the Manhattan skyline while eating some Shake Shack at the waterfront.  

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