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Back to School with Provident Loan Society

September is back-to-school month for both young students and their parents. While students are often excited to meet their teachers and take new classes, parents can struggle to make ends meet after spending money on school supplies that classrooms often acquire. Here are a few ways parents in New York […]

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Cheap Travel & Vacation as a Chinese Immigrant

We all want a vacation, regardless of whether we are a new immigrant in Queens or a lifetime New Yorker. Unfortunately, not everyone always has the extra cash to get away. Documents for travel, like passports, are also not always available to new immigrants. Immigration status or budgeting shouldn’t keep […]

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Save money with Rising Interest Rates

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates today by a quarter point. The Fed Chairman says he expects to continue raising rates in 2018. So what do these rate hikes mean for your pocketbook? It will likely cost you more money to borrow  now – compared to last year. As a not-for-profit […]

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