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Back to School with Provident Loan Society

September is back-to-school month for both young students and their parents. While students are often excited to meet their teachers and take new classes, parents can struggle to make ends meet after spending money on school supplies that classrooms often acquire.
Here are a few ways parents in New York City can save money this September on the school supplies needed for their children:

Change Where And When You Shop

Many parents in New York might make their first stop at Target or Kmart for school supplies, but big-name stores like those might not be the cheapest for your student’s school supplies.
General stores that aren’t connected to a chain will often have cheaper prices than their big-name competitors. Look down the block for places that’ll sell crucial supplies your students will need for school, like pens and pencils or notebooks.
It also helps to know when to shop for the best deals on school supplies. Shopping in July for your students might cost you more than if you shop in late August or early September when most back-to-school deals are active. But, you don’t want to wait too long either. You won’t find the best deals for school supplies much longer after the school year starts.

Supplies for Teachers

Parents aren’t the only ones who’ll need to buy classroom supplies this year. Many teachers shop yearly for teaching supplies, classroom necessities, and other things for their classes of students. Even then, for 94 percent of U.S. teachers their spending on these supplies often comes out of pocket due to limited budgets available for these supplies.
There are a number of New York stores that recognize this problem and can make it easier for teachers to acquire the supplies they need. Barclay’s School Supplies in Brooklyn is one of the most well-known teaching outlets, along with Gramco School Supplies. Both are marketed and priced specifically for teachers and their budgets, knowing that what they buy for their students often comes out of pocket.

Extra Cash with Provident Loan Society

If you’re in need of extra cash to purchase school supplies when NYC schools go back in session on September 5th, Provident Loan Society can help.
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